Build to advance control of Traktor Fx.


TFxT1 is a MIDI device dedicated to controlling Traktor effects for both version 2 and 3 (to date). It has an information OLED display, single or group fx mode selector. Channel selector applicable to fx. Three potenciometers for the control of the parameters of the fx, as well as individual illuminated buttons for each one. General Dry/Wet control and independent button for activation in simple mode. It incorporates a two posicioner lever/button for te ¨Release Fx¨ function, which cuts the fx with the possibility of accompanying the cut with an fx, for example a reverb. All fx are selectable fron the unit and are displayed on the OLED screen, as well as their current percentage.

OLED screnn with all the info you need.

The OLED screen show the channel in which the fx acts if it is group or simple mode, what fx it (name) and at what percentage it is currently .

Channel selection buttons.

Four buttons give you the option to choose the channel on which the fx will act independently.

Full control of each parameter.

Illuminated pushbuttons for activation and knobs for precise control of each parameter.

Release Fx.

The simplest and most elegant way to disconnect all the fx at the same time.

Two positions, “dry cut” and “cut + fx”. Dry cut, turns off the fx module(s) with a simple press. Cut + Fx, turns off the fx module(s) and add a preselected momentary effect. Example; pressing the lever turns the fx units off and ad rever only wile help down.


Our units are made in 3D printing and carefully worked by hand to give an optimal finish to each unit.

Sanded, caulked, painted, varnished, wired, tested…absolute everything is by hand, so we have that great possibility of customizing our products.

TFxT1 Standard.

Our pre-designed unit.


159 €

Personalize it.